Doing Good

“Aspen Ridge Dental does not only help people in their office, they also help all over the world and right here in Casper. We travel to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Peru providing dental services and education to people in need that are unable to travel to dental offices and unable to provide payment for services.

For our community, we travel to preschools to provide education and to assess children’s teeth for early signs of decay. We also instruct the kids on how to brush and floss in a fun environment. Early detection and education is key!

Here at Aspen Ridge, we’re not just an office—we are a family.

If you know of a local non-profit charitable or humanitarian organization, Aspen Ridge will partner with you and your cause and provide our Facebook page, our electronic marquee on 12th Street and potentially our parking lot for various events to get their message out to the community. Give us a call today to discuss partnership opportunities.”