About Us

General dentists Stuart M. Youmans, DDS; Melissa A. Youmans, DDS; and Benjamin R. Emery, DDS, practice a full scope of implant and general dentistry in Casper, Wyoming, with expertise ranging from dental implants to porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges.

Smile Design

Drs. Stuart, Melissa and Ben can now correct a wide variety of so-called “permanent” cosmetic dental problems and can literally redesign your smile.

Dr. Stuart Youmans

Dr. Youmans’ interests in dentistry revolve around implantology and the oral surgery aspects of dentistry. With well over 1,500 dental implants placed and restored, he has become a leader in the community in this discipline and he’s one of a very few dentists that not only places, but restores dental implants. Dr. Youmans also has a strong interest in and experience with complex full mouth reconstructions, TMJ disorders and diagnosis, and adult/child handicap hospital-based dentistry.
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Dr. Benjamin Emery

Dr. Emery believes that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward which is why he focuses on research-supported improvements in the dentistry field. He feels that it is his professional obligation to provide the best dental treatment options available. Dr. Emery believes in lifelong learning and dedicates at least 80–100 hours of his time to continuing education every year.
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