Patient Testimonials

When we took our two young boys, 6 and 10 years old, to Dr. Stuart at Aspen Ridge Dental, we received an experience like none other. The receptionists are more than helpful and greeted us with such kindness. They all took the time to teach my boys and me about the growth of their teeth and caring for their teeth. I have never received so much education. This has made a huge impact on their brushing habits. They are so dedicated to the care of their teeth. We can’t wait until their next appointment! Thanks to Aspen Ridge Dental for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to teach this family.

McNabb Family (Ken, Dee Dee, Kurt, and Trenton)

I have worn dentures for many years and have had a number of different doctors make them. My present set was made by Dr. Youmans. The best set I have ever had. The fit has been like no other. I thank him each time he checks them.


I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to you. At the beginning of the implant process, I had second thoughts, but with your patient counseling, you were able to convince me to proceed with the process. i am very glad you did, it has changed my eating experience, and I haven’t been able to eat like this since I was a kid. I would say that the implant concept is unique in that it is comparable to my original teeth.

Bonnie P.