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Health-conscious people want to keep their teeth as clean as possible, but also look for convenience. That’s why many of them turn to floss picks instead of standard dental floss. At Aspen Ridge Dental in Casper, we’d like to share our views on these little tools.

Yes, they are quite handy. They usually have a pointed handle that can double as a toothpick. There’s a length of floss strung in a U-shaped groove. They are affordable and can be used more discreetly than floss.

While these may seem like deciding factors, here’s the deal-breaker: floss picks are a step below ordinary string floss when it comes to effectiveness.

The American Dental Association has only approved string floss for cleaning in between teeth. One issue is that floss picks can’t curve and form the angles needed for superior cleaning.

So, what is a responsible dental patient to do? If you love floss picks, continue to use them when convenient. But try to use regular dental floss daily.

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