Total Tooth Restoration

Total Tooth Restoration

Your face is always on display for others to see. You can’t hide it behind long sleeves, baggy jeans, or a hat. A cosmetic dentistry smile makeover from Aspen Ridge Dental in Casper can brighten your whole face. A beautiful smile is essential to a polished appearance. Teeth whitening is quicker and more popular than ever. Some […]

Don’t Ignore That Toothache! Family Dentistry in Casper WY

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Papercuts disappear without a trace, infections are killed with antibiotics, and broken bones mend. Teeth, unfortunately, do not regenerate. Decay can be stopped in its tracks, but we’re still years away from actual tooth regeneration. That’s why the team at Aspen Ridge Dental in Casper WY emphasizes preventative dentistry. If you have a toothache, come […]

Relax. Sedation Dentistry in Casper WY

Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety. There mere thought of sitting down in a dentist’s chair fills them with dread. In some cases, it’s so intense they’ll avoid the dentist altogether. If this sounds like you, you should know that Aspen Ridge Dental in Casper WY can provide you with sedation dentistry to get […]

The Ultimate In Anti-Aging: Teeth Whitening in Caspar WY

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Wishing for a whiter smile, but not sure how to get it? At Aspen Ridge Dental in Caspar WY, we provide professional-grade whitening that surpasses anything you can get from a toothpaste tube. Toothpaste Can’t Erase All Stains Whitening toothpastes claim to lighten teeth, but there are limits to their effectiveness, no matter what brand you might […]